Apply for the INK Fellows Program: Seeking Young Innovators & Change-makers 2016

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Apply for the INK Fellows Program: Seeking Young Innovators & Changemakers 2016

Deadline: 8 April 2016

Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation is seeking applications for its INK Fellows program. The Program is a young , global and cross- disciplinary community of path-breakers who believe in the shapers of tomorrow. The Program aims to provide them the support necessary to leverage their impact.

Program Goals
1. To create a community of like-minded peers on unconventional ‘career’ paths, from any field. The experience of being a change-maker is often isolating, as it can lack the financial security, clarity of direction and social network that come with traditional jobs. Being an INK Fellow provides the peer-support necessary to take brilliant work to the next level.
2. To leverage their impact, through mentorship, support, networks and specially designed opportunities.
3. To provide them a platform for discovery and exposure like no other, so that our change-makers gain access to potential customers, funding opportunities, accolades and other forms of support critical to their development and success.

Eligibility Criteria
1. Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 40. INK prefers Fellows to be based in young
economies, but great candidates from any location will be considered seriously and competitively.
2. Candidates must be present for the entire duration of the INK2016 Conference, and arrive in Goa two days earlier. Fellows will be in Goa from September 14th–19th, 2016.
3. Candidates should be changemakers specializing in any field, for example (but not limited to) technology, entrepreneurship, health /medicine, architecture and design, science, art/culture/literature, energy and environment , research and academics, education, sports, film/music, and social impact.
4. A candidate’s actions must speak louder than their words. Humility is important, and self-promoters will not be accepted.

How to Apply
Applicants must fill the application form via given application website.



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