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March 26, 2016
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So you think you know ALL about cats, think again! In some parts of the world and especially here in Nigeria, cats are either feared or regarded with skepticism due to different stories that we heard about them growing up.

Let’s see if your knowledge about cats are just myths or real truths.


Myth 1 – Cats are bad luck; Black Cats are witches or wizards

Black cats are being overlooked in favour of more selfiegenic ones.

While everyone may have their thoughts grounded on their religious and cultural beliefs, in reality, cats are just like any other animal that will bring happiness, love and companionship to the owners who love them in return.


Myth 2 – Cats are cold, aloof and selfish


It is true that cats can be more independent than their dog counterparts. (Dogs are pack animals they crave companionship with a fellow dog, human beings or another friendly animal). However, cats also they have the ability to be loving and attentive as much as dogs once you (the owner), establish a good relationship with them.


Myth 3 – Cats are nocturnal and they see better at night


Wrong! Though a cat’s nocturnal vision is superior to humans, they cannot see in total darkness. In actual fact, they only need one-sixth of the light we need to see perfectly, therefore they see best and are more active at dusk and at dawn.


Myth 4 – Cats have nine lives

NO! Just like every other animal, cats have only one life… Simple!

However, they are usually smart so they may seem “luckier” than dogs. And by the way, they also especially need vaccination against Rabies as they are also susceptible to the disease.


Myth 5 – Cats always land on their feet


Cats are agile animals and would usually land on their feet on instinct. However, depending on the height at which the cat is falling from, cats will always be at risk of broken bones in the process of falling. Therefore, if you keep a cat, ensure you have some kind of protection on your windows and balconies so they don’t fall off and injure themselves.

Myth 6 – Cats should drink milk everyday because they love milk


Thanks to some cartoons, some of us probably assumed that should drink milk every day. In actual fact, most cats like milk but if they are given milk every day, they will get dairrhoea. Also, cats don’t need milk anyway as long as they are given their proper food and nourishment consistently. However, if you still wish to give your cat milk, make it in small quantities and just once in awhile

Myth 7 – Cats only purr when they are happy or content

Though it is true that cats purr when they are happy or content, they also purr when they are sick or when they are dying. Also a mother cat will purr to draw her newborn kittens are born blind to herself when she is ready to feed them. So, be sure you know your cat behavior well, so you know EXACTLY why your cat is purring.


So, just in case you find a cute cat around that you really adore, feel to show the cat some cuddly love. If you do keep a cat, make sure you register the cat with a registered practicing veterinarian.

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