Dog owner fractures dog’s bones in a case of animal abuse

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July 16, 2018
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A reputable veterinary clinic in Ibadan, Oyo State, Dr Tessy’s Veterinary Hospital, reported a shocking case of animal abuse via their Facebook page.

The female dog was presented to the Veterinary clinic with a fracture on the right tibia and fibula. Upon investigations and conducting X-ray examinations, the X-ray film confirmed the fracture and revealed another older fracture on the left tibia and fibula. This older fracture already exhibited callous formation and the affected left limb was malaligned and shortened

Upon further inquiries from the client on what could have caused the fracture, she complained that her pet was “intractable and stubborn”. Therefore she and other members of the family train the dog by beating her! This constant beating and abuse of course led to the bone fractures on the dog.

The dog was attended to accordingly as seen in the following pictures.

We have previously reported a shocking case of animal abuse and cruelty in Warri, Delta State, where an angry man slashed the face of his neighbor’s dog, an Alsatian breed, with a cutlass. We have also discussed on the blog the top 5 acts of animal cruelty that is being commonly practiced. Cases of animal abuse and cruelty like the above-reported are rampart in our communities. Perpetrators carry out these acts freely without reprimand because there is no law or policy enforced to bring such people to justice.

Therefore, we are again using this medium to appeal to the public and animal owners in Nigeria to STOP ALL FORMS OF ANIMAL ABUSE AND CRUELTY! We also look forward to stakeholders such as veterinary professionals, especially those in authorities and places of government to push for establishment of policies, laws and systems that will prevent and punish perpetrators of animal abuse, and protect animals from abusers.

Remember, your animal’s well-being is YOUR well-being too!




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