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Welcome to the MyAnimal,MyHealth Network!

This is where everyone, most especially animal lovers, livestock producers and people who care about animal-human health interaction get to engage, interact, learn and benefit from each other. If you didn’t care about animals or how animal health affects your own health, productivity and environment as a person, NOW is when you start caring!

Together, we will discuss various animal-related issues such as quality health care, livestock production, grooming, diseases, animal rights, veterinary laws, etc. We will also discuss more complex concepts that are mostly related to YOU! These include concepts such as agro-businesses, zoonoses, trans-boundary diseases, wildlife, conservation, related tourism, one health, global health etc. We can also share related stories and experiences that will be beneficial in our context.

If you are still wondering or confused as to what this virtual platform is really about, just get to the About Us page quickly.

Very importantly, make it a routine to visit our News and Blog page. Here, you will get updated on the latest global health news and trends from around the world. Our news from credible sources include everything from a novel disease trend, to the latest livestock innovation, most recent academic and career opportunities or the newest pet toys etc. We also provide education on various clinical, management and public health issues and tips relating to care/productivity of small pet animals, livestock ruminants and monogarstrics, poultry and fisheries. As we are highly concerned about human-animal-environmental health interaction, we have various important information for you available global health/one health. We welcome views, opinions and stories with quality information from our local and international communities, so feel free to Contact us if you wish to contribute to any of our pages.  We encourage you to comment and interact on these posts and on our social media platforms Remember, this is our network!

For all that wish to improve their career, business, education or just general professional development, we present to you a wide range of professional opportunities to select and apply for.

And as we really love to show-off, we celebrate various notable professionals that work in our fields of interest and also promote the beauty of our global wildlife ecosystem.

One more thing – If you are in a vicinity in or outside Lagos and in need of quality veterinary services from a qualified and experienced veterinary doctor, you can contact us for our referral services. And if you are a veterinary doctor, to sign up for our referral service, contact us and send your name, email and phone number; we will get back to you. All the doctors in our directory are certified and are sure to give you the best veterinary medical experience for your pet and livestock health issues.

We live in a world where animals of various species are an integral part of our existence. They have become our friends, our confidants, our food and our helps. We play with them, eat with them, EAT (some of) them, love them… the list is endless. You and I cannot underestimate the inter-related impact of animal health and well-being on our lives and global ecosystem. So, this website is for everyone. Dig in and explore, there is definitely something for you…

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