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November 15, 2018

OIE -Upcoming Field simulation exercise for Avian Influenza in Hong Kong

Dr Thomas Sit, Chief Veterinary Officer, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) of Hong Kong [Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (SAR-PRC)], informed […]
August 24, 2018

OIE-listed notifiable diseases of 2018

The Offices Internationales des Epizootes (OIE), (also known as World Animal Health Organization) has released a single list of animal diseases, infections and infestations that are […]
January 20, 2018

OIE updates to the new information portal – The WAHIS+ Project

The OIE is redesigning and upgrading WAHIS to a technologically advanced yet user-friendly form with many previously unavailable features. This new platform is called WAHIS+. The core […]
November 2, 2016

FAO and OIE launches global campaign to eradicate PPR

On 28th October 2016, the ground was broken on a major international initiative to rid the world of Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) – also known […]
May 17, 2016

Introducing OIE’s Sixth Strategic Plan for 2016–2020

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has selected the following priorities in the new Sixth Strategic plan which is to be implemented from 2016 to […]
March 22, 2016

Latest Follow-up Report on Bird Flu in Kano State, Nigeria

We present to you the most recent report here on Bird Flu from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) on March 14, 2016. The report […]
March 22, 2016

OIE Photo Competition 2016

Deadline: May 1, 2016 THEME FOR 2016: “Animal welfare, beyond the cliché” Today, in our multicultural and cosmopolitan world, the notion of animal welfare and what […]
March 9, 2016

The Road to PPR Eradication

The Road to PPR Eradication Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is a viral disease that is also known as sheep and goat plague. It is a […]
March 4, 2016

Still on One Health – Infographic Updates

Still on One Health … You are highly encouraged to take out about 5 minutes to go through this interesting OIE One Health Infographic from OIE […]
February 29, 2016

World Veterinary Day Award 2016

Apply for the World Veterinary Day Award 2016 Deadline: 10th May, 2016 To celebrate the World Veterinary Day (WVD) that will take place globally on 30 […]
February 28, 2016

Avian Influenza – Nigeria’s Follow-up Report

  The latest seasonal outbreak of Avian Influenza (H5N1) in Nigeria had its first outbreak report compiled by the Office Internationales des epizootes (OIE) on the […]