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February 28, 2016
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February 28, 2016

Meet Modupe and her brave dog, Charley who cannot be intimidated..

We celebrate …… Charley and Modupe


Name of Owner

Dr. Modupe Akinbobola

Profession and Interests of Owner

Veterinary Doctor

Name of Pet


Description of Pet

Charley is a white male Lhasa Apso. He weighs 10kg and he is 2 feet tall

Interesting things to note

Charley is very alert and aggressive. He is also cuddly, loving and playful. He is also strikingly intelligent.

Caring and grooming routine for your pet

Due to time constraints, He is groomed as frequently as possible. He is fed twice a day and has his bath twice a month.


Impact of the animal so far on your life

He is a very good security dog and a loyal companion. He barks and charges at strangers and other dogs.

There was a particular occasion when I took him on a walk and my neighbor’s massive Caucasian came face to face with him while my neighbor was also taking his dog on a walk; to my amazement Charley charged and barked at the Caucasian and the Caucasian became so frightened that it tripped. The owner was so embarrassed while onlookers where bemused and laughed in astonishment. Although, I have to admit that Charley has no chance of defeating the Caucasian in a fight and I doubt if he would have acted the same way if both dogs were alone. Nonetheless, I left that scene as a very proud owner of Charley. He now has a reputation on my street as a being a small but extremely bold dog.

He is also extremely intelligent. Whenever I let him out of his room and give him food, he doesn’t eat it immediately but rather creeps up behind me when I leave his room to ascertain my motive (to him I want to use the food to lure him back to the room and lock him up). As soon as he sees that I am far away from the room, he quickly rushes back to the room to eat his food and constantly gazes at the open door to see if I am close by. As soon as he sees me he rushes out and repeats the same routine until he finishes his meal.

Advice for aspiring and current animal lovers

Be kind to your pet, groom your pet often, give your pet water to drink at all times, feed your pet often, show your pet love (believe me they notice if you don’t) and most importantly take your pet on walks.



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