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March 30, 2016
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We celebrate …… Abiodun and Jaguar

Name of Owner

Mr. Abiodun Oluokun

Profession/Interests of Owner

IT Professional

Name of Pet


Description of Pet

Jaguar is a tanned brown female Alsatian. She weighs 35kg and she is 3 feet tall

Interesting things to note

Jaguar is alert, cuddly, playful and very smart. She is also very loyal

Caring and grooming routine for your pet

She likes to be with me each time I am around. She is fed twice a day and has usually has her water replaced every morning and sometimes at night

Impact of the animal so far on your life

In the past 6 years since we had her, Jaguar has been a reliable security dog, ensuring maximum protection of her family and properties. It might interest you to know that despite the incessant attack of thieves and hoodlums in our area, there has never been a time they were able to gain access into our premise. Her unique crazy barking and fast movement always create fear in anyone plotting to attack the house.

One of the memorable days I can never forget was when the whole family went on 5 hours journey to Oyo. So, we let Jaguar loose inside the compound. The gate was closed with a padlock hanging outside, which was a sign that no one was at home. Someone from nowhere jumped over the fence and landed right in front of Jaguar. The dog rushed him, attacked him and pinned him to flowers around the fence.

Upon our return, we met the intruder bleeding and handed him over to the police.

Advice for aspiring and current animal lovers

Apart from God, the best thing to make as a close friend is a Dog. Dogs will cheer you up when you are down, will always listen and understand your moods, and will not betray you in the days of trouble.



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