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June 7, 2016
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egg deformities

Chicken egg deformities simply mean the production of abnormal eggs by a chicken. Abnormality may occur in five major forms and this includes abnormality in shape, color, size, internal consistency and external consistency. For anyone who has a poultry farm, whether it’s the backyard/compound small-scale chicken rearing or the full-time large-scale farming, deformities in chicken eggs would be probably not be a strange occurrence. This is because it is bound to occur once in a while.  However, when the occurrence of misshapen eggs becomes a regular sight on the farm, then it becomes a major problem that must be tackled immediately.

There are a number of reasons why chicken egg deformities can occur in a farm and these are further listed below;

  • Poor, inadequate or improper diet
  • Disease
  • Stress and/or over excitement
  • Changes in anatomical, physiological or biochemical make-up of egg-producing organs

Now a deformed chicken egg might occur as a result of one of these factors or might be a combination of two or more factors. To this effect, we present to you a comprehensive document from the prestigious Alltech European Bioscience Center.

This provides a detailed list of the most common egg deformities (with pictures to show) and factors that may lead to the occurrence of such eggs. Interestingly, the document also includes a diagrammatic representation of the egg-producing organs, explaining the role of each organ in egg production. If you are running a poultry farm, or you are interested in running one, this document is a MUST-READ. It is highly beneficial in giving you pointers in determining the cause of deformed/abnormal eggs.

However, it is important to remember that in cases of multiple egg deformities occurring persistently and/or on a large scale in a poultry farm, you must see a veterinary doctor to accurately diagnose and solve these conditions.





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