New Feature: #DogChronicles with Dr Gbaks on MyAnimal,MyHealth

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November 15, 2016
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November 18, 2016
 MyAnimal,MyHealth is excited to announce that starting from this sarturday, we will be featuring a new weekly blog series titled #DogChronicles by Dr Gbaks.

#DogChronicles will give us an inside and personal look into the real-life day-to-day activities of a veterinarian Dr Gloria.

Dr Gloria Bakare-Adesina  is fondly called Dr. Gbaks by many. She is a small animal veterinarian who enjoys interactions with furry creatures.  #FunFact though;- One of her worst nightmares is being trapped in a room with a flying cockroach.

She can be contacted via Instagram: @DrGbaks or on Facebook: Gloria Bakare Adesina



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