Quack doctor infects and kills a dog through wrong vaccination

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January 7, 2018
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January 15, 2018

A man by the name of Mr Adepoju and graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology(LAUTECH) was caught in the act of quackery in Ibadan. He pretended to be a licensed veterinarian and administered the DHLPP vaccine for dogs by the oral route instead of through the standard subcutaneous route of administration. This wrong vaccine administration caused a vaccine break in which the dog came down with a parvovirus infection, which is one of the diseases that the vaccine is supposed to protect against. This vaccine break occurs when an animal becomes ill from the disease the animal was previously vaccinated from and wrong route of administration is a major factor. Needless to say, the beloved dog died from the parvovirus infection.

The quack doctor Mr Adepoju, who was indicted by a student  of Veterinary Medicine in the University of Ibadan, was initially adamant and insultive while using derogatory words to attack both student and his client, Mrs Adekambi (the dog owner). Upon interrogation by the veterinary student who asked for his credentials, he claimed to have read Veterinary Medicine in LAUTECH. This was where he was caught red-handed for being a quack as there is no Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in LAUTECH.

Many clients have suffered in the hands of quacks in different measures with resultant financial loss or the unfortunate loss of their pets and animals, similar to the travails of Mrs Adekanbi. We will like to inform clients that there are many quacks in Nigeria that claim to be veterinary surgeons/veterinarians who feed on the ignorance and unsuspecting minds of naive clients all in a bid for financial gains at the expense of the pets/animals and the clients. They are especially seen in pet care for dogs, and livestock farms for chicken and cattle, sheep and goats.

We hereby urge everyone to probe the authenticity of all self-acclaimed veterinarians before using their services. We at MyAnimal,MyHealth are always here to help you with such verification for free. We can also help you with referrals to quality licensed veterinarians in your area so feel free to contact us via email, phone number and our social media channels. The health and safety of your pets/animal is paramount, therefore get the services of a licensed and practicing veterinarian only, for your animal health care.





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