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February 8, 2018
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March 2, 2018

If you are well experienced in animal management or livestock farming, then you definitely understand the full impact and importance of vaccination. Vaccination in simple terms means to administer a vaccine that will provide immunity or prevent an infection in humans or animals, while a vaccine is an “antigenic substance prepared from the causative agent of a disease or a synthetic substitute, used to provide immunity against one or several diseases”. Vaccination has many advantages, some of which include the following;

  • Vaccination is mostly less complicated and cheaper (cost-effective) to administer compared to actually having to treat an animal for a disease.
  • Vaccination preserves the life of your animals and maintains the quality of their life.
  • Vaccination is a key biosecurity measure that keeps you rest assured that your animals are safeguarded against any infection or epidemic.
  • Vaccination may improve the efficiency of conversion of food and water into animal proteins and other essential nutrients
  • Vaccination stimulates the animal’s own defence system and prepares the animal to better resist the impact of a pathogenic microorganism it may encounter later in life.

Based on popular demand, we are presenting vaccination template for poultry farms, specifically for commercial layers. We will keep you updated on subsequent articles for vaccination programs for dogs, cats, cattle etc.

Please note that vaccination regimes may vary slightly from farm to farm and from region to region. It is left for you to do a proper research on what works best for your farm’s climate Also, note that broilers can use this vaccination regimen but their vaccination can end on day 24 or 27 since they don’t typically stay too long on the farm before being sold of as chicken meat for consumption.

If you have questions or inquirie on this vaccination programs, don’t forget to contact us via email on or just call/whatsapp us on +2348120320647.

Hatch day   Marek’s At hatchery
Day 1 1 Infectious bronchitis Spraying
Day 1-5 1 Antibiotics +vitamin Water solution
Day 8 2 1st IBD Gumbo L Water solution or Eyes
Day 10 2 ND+IBD killed(0.2ml) Subcutaneous
Day 12 2 ND and Infectious bronchitis (variant) Water solution
Day 15 3 2nd IBD ( Cevac IBDL) Water solution or Eyes
Day 21 4 3rd IBD Water solution
Day 24 4 Newcastle
Day 27 4 Tylodox 5/7 Water solution
Day 42 7 Infectious bronchitis Oral
Day 54 8 Fowl pox Wing web
Day 61 9 Deworming Water solution
Day 70 10 Infectious bronchitis
Day 73 11 Deworming Water solution
Day 82 12 Tylodox 5/7 Water solution
Day 84 12 Debeaking Water solution
Day 112 16 ND +IB+EDS Intramuscular
Day 117 17 Antibiotics Water solution






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