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March 2, 2018
Update on killing of Elephant in Idanre, Ondo State
March 18, 2018

Earlier this week, there were reports of a local hunter who killed an elephant for sport and game in Idanre Hills, Ondo State, Nigeria. This brought so much sadness to our heart at MyAnimal,MyHealth because issues like this is one of our major concerns with poor animal health and welfare in Nigeria. While most of the world is busy working towards the protection and conservation of their wildlife at all costs, some of our citizens are acting albeit ignorantly in destroying our already dwindling wildlife for personal gains.

The fact that we still have elephants ALIVE in the country should be something to be celebrated and IMMEDIATE actions should have been taken to protect it. In countries with established systems and policies for this, the poor elephant should have been reported, protected, and kept healthy to continue to live and procreate in its natural environment. However, it is sad that our country pays little or no attention to preserving our wildlife and environment with no implemented or enforced policies. Even most of our Also, there is little knowledge or wildlife literacy especially among the rural dwellers who are located in remote areas and so interact more closely with our nature and wildlife. Furthermore, there is little research, data or information concerning wildlife and conservation in Nigeria as it is not a common area of interest for most scientists and environmentalists here.

With MyAnimalMyHealth, we are committed to working in this regard and taking proactive steps in understanding more about Nigeria’s wildlife and ensuring that wildlife and environmental conservation becomes a necessity and a lifestyle. We understand that there is currently little support or body towards this cause and we are willing to step into that gap to enact a positive change. We have an enormous task ahead of us and we are willing to work collaboratively with people who likeminded and are equally passionate about wildlife conservation.

To begin this, we are launching a coalition of people and professionals from all disciplines who are passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation. The goal of this coalition would be to establish proactive wildlife and environmental conservation in Nigeria by promoting wildlife literacy, research, and policies.

Our activity channels include (but are not limited to) the following;

  • To collate available data and information on wildlife in Nigeria
  • To encourage and participate in the implementation of policies and actions for wildlife and environmental conservation
  • To report and engage the public on wildlife conservation issues in Nigeria
  • To educate and train residents of select wildlife zones in rural Nigeria on wildlife conservation.

These objectives are not exhaustive and as we proceed, we will continue to improve on the coalition goals and objectives to ensure effective work. Our scope of work will include both forest and marine habitats.

If you are interested in joining this network of passionate, like-minded individuals for wildlife and environmental conservation, kindly reach us via or call/whatsapp +2348120320647. Also, if you are outside Nigeria and you share this passion, and you would like to contribute in terms of resources and information, please feel free to contact us via email. 




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