About Us


To be the foremost news, resource and engagement platform for correlated issues of animal and human health in Nigeria.


To provide information, promote advocacy and establish solutions to issues of animal and human health in Nigeria

Our objectives include

  • To disseminate news on pets, livestock animals, wildlife, environment and associated human health with particular references to quality animal care, productive livestock and agribusinesses, zoonoses, conservation and global health.
  • To establish and implement social impact projects, investigations and research in areas of public health, food security, agriculture and conservation .
  • To provide quality veterinary and veterinary referral services for clients with pets and livestock in Nigeria.
  • To advertise and publicize related local and international businesses and opportunities including jobs, sales of animals and animal products, volunteer opportunities, internships, funding, grants, health research, conferences, seminars, courses, scholarships, fellowships and educational programs.
  • To laud notable feats in animal care, professional achievements, impact projects and research.


Founder/ Project Manager – Kikiope Oluwarore (DVM, MSc)

Dr. Kikiope is a veterinarian with core experience in public health projects, research and freelance journalism. She bagged her DVM degree from the University of Ibadan and has a Masters degree in Global Health and Infectious Diseases from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Apart from provision of veterinary services, she has worked on various public health and journalism projects with the United States Consulate, Forward Africa (FOFA), ImpactAFRICA program and Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (among others).